Henry's Calendars for 2009

For 2009, I had planned on making three or four celandars but Lulu, who prints them, raised their prices by nearly 20% and I couldn't justify the cost. The images below are from prior years and ara all available as custom enlargements and greeting cards.

The calendars were available for purchase from my store front on Lulu.com (link opens a new window). The photographs for the three calendars are shown below. Click on any thumbnail to see a larger version of the image. Note that the actual images used in printing the calendars are much larger than even the larger images shown here. Many of the images used in these calendars are available in custom greeting cards and as custom enlargements. See my main page for details.

2008 Calendars

Calendar #1 - Purple 2008

<em>Vinca Minor</em> (Periwinkle) Cattleya Orchid Bearded Iris <em>Wisteria floribunda</em> ‘Okayana-i-sai’<br />(Japanese Wisteria)
Rose “Midnight Blue” Campanula Clematis Water Lily
A Purple Flower Heliotrope Phalaenopsis Orchid Ageratum

Calendar #2 - Roses 2008

Rose ‘Ginny’ Rose ‘Henry Kelsey’ Rose ‘Easlea's Golden Rambler’ Rose ‘Wind Chimes’
Rose ‘Duc de Cambridge’ Rose ‘Pink Pillar’ <em>Rosa</em> x <em>alba</em> Rose ‘Jacques Cartier’
<em>Rosa roxburgii</em> Rose ‘Blossomtime’ Rose ‘Skyrocket’ Rose ‘Carnelia’

Calendar #3 - Glimpses 2008

Blue Bracket Fungus <em>Galanthus nivalis</em> (Common Snowdrop) Elephant Ear Leaf Three-leaved Plant
Honey Bee <em>Monarda</em> (Bergamot) <em>Pieris rapae</em> (Small Cabbage White) Small Sunflower
<em>Murgantia histrionica</em> (Harlequin Bug) <em>Cichorium intybus</em> (Common Chicory) <em>Anas platyrhynchos</em> (Mallard Duck) <em>Asclepias syriaca</em> (Milkweed Seedpod)

2007 Calendars

Calendar #1 - Flowers 2007

Bumble Bee on Allium Flower Pitcher Plant Flower<br />(<em>Sarracenia</em> hybrid) Poppy Flower<br />(<em>Papaver</em>) Rose Flowers<br />(in Nick Weber's Garden) Black-eyed Susan<br />(<em>Rudbeckia hirta</em>)
Rose Flower<br />(Rose 'Alain Blanchard') American Tulip Tree Flower<br />(<em>Liriodendron tulipifera</em> Rose Flowers<br />(Rose 'Chapney's Pink Cluster') Iris Flower
Green Bee<br />on Rugosa Rose Magnolia Flower<br />(<em>Magnolia acuminata</em>) Goldenrod Soldier Beetle<br />(<em>Chauliognathus pennsylvanicus</em>) Common Fleabane<br />(<em>Erigeron philadelphicus</em>)

Calendar #2 - Look Again 2007

Peony Flowers Japanese Barberry<br />(<em>Berberis thunbergii</em>) Lichens on Rock Deptford Pinks<br />(<em>Dianthus armeria</em>) Virginia Bluebells<br />(<em>Mertensia virginica</em>)
Bee on Rose Grass Tassels Yellow Flowers Quince Fruit<br />(<em>Cydonia oblonga</em>)
Apple on Tree Branch Red Oak Leaves Milkweed Seed Pods Holly Berries

Calendar #3 - Glimpses 2007

Dogbane Tiger Moth (<em>Cycnia tenera</em> Waterfall Dew Drops Irises<br />(<em>Iris tectorum</em>) Dusk on The Potomac
Paul's Himalayan Musk Rambler Common Blue Damselfly<br />(<em>Enallagma cyathigerum</em>) Hawlings River, Maryland Atlantic Blue Crab<br />(<em>Callinectes sapidus</em>)
Reflections - C&O Canal Fall Color Crab Apples Tree with Christmas Lights

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